The Firm provides judicial and extrajudicial advice and legal assistance in  relation to the main obligations imposed on businesses by the Italian Consumer Code (Italian Legislative Decree no.206 of 06 September 2005), particularly – but not only – in relation to after sales and guarantee requirements, unfair practices and distance selling.

  PDF:The difference between recommended retail price and agreement between producer and dealer on the retail price.Glancing through newspapers or catalogues of this or that product, or while surfing the web it often happens to come across terms like “sale at EUR… (recommended retail price)”. When the price is the actual suggested retail price (legitimate) and when it is instead an imposed price (illicit)? Article published in November 2015 on Market Place magazine

  PDF What happens when a producer provides a commercial guarantee for its products marketed in several Member States of the European Union? Article published on issue of November 2014 on Market Place magazine