The Firm’s activities in the field of product regulations consist of the study, interpretation, advice and assistance concerning the legislation on non-food products, particularly with reference to the following regulations:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Automotive
  • Low voltage
  • Telecommunications
  • Machinee
  • Gates, railings, balustrades and fittings
  • Toys

The activities involve regulatory check-ups on legal compliance of the products sold, and include assistance in relations with the competent authorities for the request of any authorisations required for the marketing and sale of products (there are still some specific national authorisation requisites and requirements in Italy, and in other European Union countries, for example in the area of television receivers an radio receivers).

More details on the Firm’s activities can be found in the following publications by Maurizio Iorio on the above subjects:

PDF: R&TTE Directive: the Ministry for Economic Development has been brought by the Council of State before the European Court of Justice. The State Council has referred three questions to the European Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling in order to establish the Ministry’s misinterpretation and incorrect conclusions as regards the information to be provided on the packaging of products.Despite the entry into force of the RED Directive, the issue is still current. Insights in my article published on May 2017 issue of Market Place magazine

PDF: To the Council State sitting at court..

This is the English translation of a Notice of Appeal to  “Consiglio di Stato”  (Council of State sitting as the administrative court of final appeal ) which was filed by Avv. Maurizio Iorio in early April 2012 . It refers to a very questionable judgment of October 2011 of  TAR LAZIO  ( the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio which is the main Italian administrative court of first instance ) concerning the CE marking of TLC apparatus . As a matter of the fact Annex III to Directive 1999/5/CE ( RTTE ) provides that the intervention of a notified body is required for the identification of the essential radio test suites only if they are not defined by the harmonized standards. According to TAR LAZIO, however the presence of the notified body responsible for the correctness of the conformity assessment would be always obligatory for all equipment that use radio frequencies. The English version of an article of Avv. Maurizio Iorio on thi subject, published in April 2012 on the Italian magazine MP- Market Place, can be found and downloaded at section  ARTICLES AND PUBLICATIONS  of this site.

PDF: On the seller’s obligation, or not, to make spare parts available for a certain period of time in line with Italian legislation and that on the major European Countries